Are your pets damaging your wood flooring? Solve this problem!

There are countless actions that can be taken to minimize the damages cause by the scratches left in your floor by your pets. Place doormats in every door. This way you can minimize the amount of earth they bring inside your house, especially if your pet likes to play in the dirt.

Cats tend to scratch everything they can put their claws on. This is because of their savage instincts much like their distant cousins, that literally depends on their claws for survival. They sharpen their claws because, in their minds it’s a matter of life and death!

Dogs tend to be more playful and because of that might end up scratching the floor with their plays.

Nothing can solve this situation as good as taking your pet to the nearest pet shop and asking for their nails to be trimmed. When scratches occur, remember that in most cases it only affects the superficial layers of your floor and not the wood itseld.

If necessary, get in touch with some professional specialized in wood flooring so that they can guide you on how to proceed to repair the damages.


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