2803, 2017

Replica of a Citroën 2CV all in wood was made by French woodworker

A Citroën 2CV made out of wood is in its final touches and it's about to be approved to finally traffic the streets. It was made by Michel Robillard, a retired woodworker that spent the last six years constructing the car in his studio in Loches, France. More than just a replica of one of the most popular cars from the last century in France, the car really works. According to Robillard, he intends to exhibit the car in some art gallery after some time. He says that he have already received offers from people that are interested in [...]

2103, 2017

March 21st: International Day of Forests

Today Spring begins. Flowers are sprouting… Snow is giving place to the possibility of life. And that’s why we celebrate the International Day of Forests today. This celebration has as its main objective to make people aware of the importance of preservation of the environment through sustainability. Thus organization all around the world uses the date to create events related to the theme in order to start preservation projects. As is generally known, trees are the main source of the oxygen that we breath. They occupy, approximately, 30% of the surface of the Earth and makes our survival possible. [...]

1603, 2017

Are your pets damaging your wood flooring? Solve this problem!

There are countless actions that can be taken to minimize the damages cause by the scratches left in your floor by your pets. Place doormats in every door. This way you can minimize the amount of earth they bring inside your house, especially if your pet likes to play in the dirt. Cats tend to scratch everything they can put their claws on. This is because of their savage instincts much like their distant cousins, that literally depends on their claws for survival. They sharpen their claws because, in their minds it’s a matter of life and death! Dogs [...]

1603, 2017

Which type of wood flooring is the best for your you, solid or laminated?

The answer for that answer will depend on where you wish to install the floor. Both floorings, solid and laminated, are made with real wood, so they're good for the environment. Solid wood flooring is exactly what it sounds like: a solid piece of wood from beginning to end. The thickness of the solid wood may vary, but it usually goes from 3/4” to 5/16”. One of the many benefits of the solid wood is that it can be sanded and be made as new many times.  Solid wood flooring are perfect for living and dining rooms, bedrooms and [...]

1603, 2017

Which species is best for each case?

The choice of wood species for your flooring is totally a matter of style, budget and personal preference. Currently in the market we have many different species, each one making possible a new possibilities for decoration. In the case of light woods, do you prefer fraxinus or acer? These species usually make the room seem bigger than it actually is and improves the air circulation. In the case of traditional tones woods, do you prefer American walnut or oak? Usually these species makes the room seem a little bit more cozy and warm. Do you prefer dark woods like [...]