Brazilian currency is valued and production costs might rise for exporters

Brazilian currency has been increasingly valued over the last twelve months, what might become a reason to worry the wood products exporters.

According to ABIMCI (Brazilian Association of the Mechanically Processed Wood Industry), Brazilian currency, which had dropped almost 23% compared to the American Dollar in February 2016, but since then has been getting stronger. Because of that, exporters might expect some complicated moments on the next months.

Pine boards manufacturers has exported 1,730,470 m³ in 2016, the highest volume in the last 10 years, what represented an increase of 16% over the volume exported in the previous year.

According to ABIMCI, exportation has increased, while national sales suffered a slight drop due to the economic crisis the country has been going through. While reaping the fruits of the rising demand in the US and Europe, the plywood industry will generate even more profits when the nation market returns to full operation.


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