Ebata was founded in 1987 and is now present in the timber market in the US, Europe, Asia and Caribbean. Its biggest focus is in the raw material, always coming up with the best solutions to reduce the environmental impact.

Ebata usually sells around 1000m³ every month in wooden products for clients all around the world. Its main products are:

  • Floors;
  • Rulers;
  • Lajotas;
  • Tacos;
  • Bardage;
  • Lames a Volet;
  • Skirting boards;

The wood used by Ebata always has great quality and comes from great sources, such as: Ipê, Cedar, Jatoba and others.

Telephone: (91) 3204-1900

Site: www.ebata.com.br

Address: Lote 13 – Quadra 06 – Setor B – CDI – Icoaraci – Belém, Pará.