ANPM was founded in the morning of June 8th, 2001 by:

  • Ivaldo Pontes Jankowsky: Forest Engineer, Professor at ESALQ/USP;
  • José Antônio Baggio: Businessman, Director at Indusparquet;
  • Genésio de Moura Müzel Filho: Company Administrator;
  • Bruno Norman Baranek: Economist and ANPM’s current President;
  • José Pereira Dias: Company Administrator;
  • Vitor Pereira Júnior: Company Administrator, CEO at ZIPEMA Import & Export Ltda;
  • Sandro Bracchi: Chemical Engineer;
  • Marcos André Duccati: Forest Engineer;
  • Douglas Granemann de Souza: Economist and Manager at Vicente Martins Auctions;
  • Clayton Sguário Filho: Industrialist, Director at Sguário Florestal S.A.;
  • Osmar Pereira: Industrialist;
  • José Aaron Baranek: Engineer;
  • Ariel de Andrade: Forest Engineer;
  • Inês Cristina Martins Galina: Forest Engineer.