Among the main functions of ANPM are:

  • Representing the associates in front of public and private law entities of any nature, at national or international level, in any question that might involve the objectives of the Association and its associates;
  • Propagate environmental issues related to the wooden floor industries to national and international clients to present the advantages of its use;
  • Promote studies in order to improve the means of production;
  • Spread technical knowledge that are pertinent to the area and to offer operational training to the associates and to their employees;
  • Develop technical specifications and quality certificates creating conformity seals;
  • Create developing programs linked to quality, productivity and normalization of hardwood flooring in Brazil;
  • Offer useful services to the associates, like a Specialized Library and promote information related to the area;
  • Promote the interaction between the associates through conferences, seminars, congresses and fairs;
  • Encourage educational institutions to include on their teaching grid disciplines related to the wooden flooring market;
  • Promote market studies and always keep the associates informed about the tendencies of the market;
  • Stimulate the exportation of the products from the associate companies;
  • Achieve agreements and contracts from private and private organizations that are of interest of the associates;
  • Develop institutional actions to promote the usage of hardwood flooring.