March 21st: International Day of Forests

Today Spring begins. Flowers are sprouting… Snow is giving place to the possibility of life. And that’s why we celebrate the International Day of Forests today.

This celebration has as its main objective to make people aware of the importance of preservation of the environment through sustainability. Thus organization all around the world uses the date to create events related to the theme in order to start preservation projects.

As is generally known, trees are the main source of the oxygen that we breath. They occupy, approximately, 30% of the surface of the Earth and makes our survival possible.  Therefore, the trees are nicknamed as the “lungs of the Earth”, since they transform CO² into oxygen through their photosynthesis process. For plants, CO² is an essential element for this process.

However, in Brazil, the official forest day is September 21st, so we can maintain the tradiction of celebrate the day in the Spring solstice.


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