This manual is directed to consumers, construction professionals and wood flooring installers. In it you can find information on the different types of wood used in floors and also instruction on how to keep them preserved and good-looking.

This publication has as its objective to collaborate to the increase of the technical capacitation of quality-related areas in the wood flooring industries and to train auditors to guarantee the quality standard among the producing companies.

This publication aims to spread, in a clear and simple way, the different types of wood that are used in the production of wood flooring and also about woods that are unknown to the general public but has great potential for use.

During the production of wood-based products many wastes are created that are, basically, material that went through the production process, but in the end didn’t compose any product, that is, doesn’t have any production value. This manual tries to guide companies that work with the production of wood products on how they should manage these wastes.