Audit in Quality Certificates for Wood Flooring2017-04-25T12:45:53-03:00

Audit in Quality Certificates for Wood Flooring

This publication has as its objective to collaborate to the increase of the technical capacitation of quality-related areas in the wood flooring industries and to train auditors to guarantee the quality standard among the producing companies. All the information contained in this publication can be useful not only for the companies, but also for others professionals on this area and to customers interested the wooden products segment.

The Brazilian wooden products segments suffer from a great lack of strategies and procedures related to the production of the products itself.

The floors are considered as the higher value-added products in the forest segment when you talk about wood-based products, therefore they need a minimum standard of quality to be produced and commercialized at the best possible quality level. The lack of these standards might cause an unfair competition because some sellers can sell products of bad quality, what results in the customer’s demotivation in using wood floors.