Basic Guide for Wood Flooring Instalation2017-04-25T12:57:48-03:00

Basic Guide for Wood Flooring Instalation

This manual is directed to consumers, construction professionals and wood flooring installers. In it you can find information on the different types of wood used in floors and also instruction on how to keep them preserved and good-looking.

The wood flooring industry always follows the greatest standards to guarantee the constant quality of their products, but it’s extremely necessary to educate resellers, installers and customers on the care during transportation, installation and maintenance to guarantee durability and quality to the material.

This manual was planned by the PIMADS Project in a partnership with ANPM to spread clear and objective information to whoever desires to utilize wood flooring on their home or business. Through the information contained in here, the post-installation problems are expected to be minimized, encouraging customers to use wood flooring.