Waste Management in the Wood Flooring Industry2017-04-25T13:07:33-03:00

Waste Management in the Wood Flooring Industry

During the production of wood-based products many wastes are created that are, basically, material that went through the production process, but in the end didn’t compose any product, that is, doesn’t have any production value. This manual tries to guide companies that work with the production of wood products on how they should manage these wastes.

This is something extremely essential for the company, since when the residues are poorly managed they tend to reduce profitability, increase environmental risks and might generate even more expenses with insurance and penalties that might spoil the way the company is seen by their clients and, even worse, it puts the environment in danger.

When generated, the wastes demand expenses with storing, transportation, treatment and final destination, and this book tries to guide companies and professionals from the area on how to better execute each one of these steps to obtain a better performance, diminish expenses and guarantee that the wastes doesn’t harm the nature.