Replica of a Citroën 2CV all in wood was made by French woodworker

A Citroën 2CV made out of wood is in its final touches and it’s about to be approved to finally traffic the streets. It was made by Michel Robillard, a retired woodworker that spent the last six years constructing the car in his studio in Loches, France.

More than just a replica of one of the most popular cars from the last century in France, the car really works.

According to Robillard, he intends to exhibit the car in some art gallery after some time. He says that he have already received offers from people that are interested in buying the car, but he said that for now it is not for sale. The entire vehicle, including the pane, the steering wheel and the benches are entirely made out of wood. This part was not that hard to accomplish, since the interior is quite simple, just as the original model.

Robillard estimates that his replica will receive authorization to traffic the streets until June.


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