Report on the evolution of wood flooring consumption in Brazil

Since 2014, Ibá (Brazilian Tree Industry) produces an annual report where the evolution of the consumption of wood flooring coating by the Brazilian public is shown, based on data collected by associations and partner companies that produces the products.

These partners and associations that has collaborated with Ibá to the formulation of the report are:

  • ABIROCHAS – Brazilian Association of the Ornamental Rocks Industry;
  • ABRIC – Brazilian Association of the Carpet Industry;
  • ANFACER – National Association of Ceramic Coating Manufacturers;
  • ANPM – National Hardwood Flooring Association – Brazil;
  • TARKETT FADEMAC – Vinyl Floor Industry;
  • BEAULIEU – Carpet Textile Industry.

If you understand Portuguese, read the report below or on the “Download” button to download it:


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